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Transform the WHOLE you in 2023 – and your FUTURE self

What did you learn from 2022?

Are you taking time out to reflect on the past year and set your intentions for 2023?

I know that LIFE IS NOT A RACE… It is an ongoing JOURNEY!

It will have been TEN years since my “Adrenal Exhaustion” started to obviously show up in March 2013… fast forward to 2023 and now it is time to reflect on my own lessons learned the past ten years.

Are you my AVATAR Client?

Do you meet this criteria:

  1. Endurance athlete or love to exercise daily at least once
  2. Doing fasted morning exercise
  3. Training for many endurance events and races this year
  4. Experiencing slow recovery from workouts
  5. Limiting or elimination all carbohydrates
  6. Struggling to lose body fat even though you are doing all the “right” things
  7. Mood swings, anxiety, depression and fatigue is your “new normal”?
  8. Burning the candle at both ends… early morning wake up to train and late to bed
  9. Confused if you should eat and what to eat before, during and after workouts
  10. Limiting protein intake or forgetting to eat protein each meal
  11. Not making time for strength training or doing too much HIIT training
  12. Training by pace instead of heart rate and time

Perhaps you have been training and racing for years but not getting stronger, leaner or faster?  Are you getting heavier or not losing any weight even though you are training a ton?

Do you struggle with energy during the day? 

Are you tired but wired in the evening?

Do you wake up in the middle of the night and struggle to fall back asleep?

Are you over supplementing because of podcasts, blogs, articles and social media suggestions?

Are you getting slow and not faster as you age?  Don’t blame the aging process… embrace it and adjust how you train, when and what you eat.

What did you learn from 2022?

Take ownership of the WHOLE you today if you want to improve your future self!

I didn’t change my way of living until we moved from Bellevue, WA to North County San Diego in the summer of 2020.  One of the blessings from our world wide pandemic is the ability to work remote and for me to finally focus on my purpose – coaching other ambitious, driven high performers get their body and vibrant self back again.

Are you feeling stuck and struggling getting the desired results even though you have been doing all the “right” things you read about on blogs, podcasts and social media?  Perhaps, you went to multiple doctors and practitioners to get answers but they only give you a “diagnosis” as “normal” or prescribe you thyroid or anti-depressant anxiety pills?!

What are you missing pieces of your HEALTH puzzle??

When I was struggling to feel, look and perform my best in life starting in spring of 2013, I went to multiple doctors, functional medicine experts and practitioners to get answers of why I kept gaining weight, feeling exhausted and losing strength – as well as endurance.  I was wide awake around 2 AM each night and exhausting every afternoon = tired but wired.  My body went from being a lean, strong and powerful athlete to fat, weak and exhausted – without changing ANYTHING.

When my “adrenal exhaustion” hit me from behind in March 2013, as shared in my book LIFE IS NOT A RACE (on Amazon), I was already a low carb athlete doing long MAF metabolic efficient workouts as a fat adapted athlete.  My experience with low carb and fasted workouts, as well as metabolic efficiency testing and more started back in 2005 (New Leaf and Zone diet) then fueled by fat workouts started in 2009 with BP Fat coffee and limited fuel pre, during and post workouts as I trained for Ironman Triathlons, Marathons and 50k Trail Running.

What is the lesson learned for me?  My experiences have determined my PURPOSE and defined my PASSION as well as MISSION as a health/fitness/nutrition coach and practitioner.  My niche is the ambitious, driven, high performing athlete as myself, who is struggling to lose weight, optimize health and improve performance gains.

My focus is to help athletes similar to myself with a personalized coaching program with the elements of “THE WHOLESTIC METHOD” and collecting clues using biometrics, functional lab testing and genetics.  There is not a one size fits all approach how to fuel, train and perform as an endurance athlete as well as an aging athlete and the FEMALE athlete!  What should you eat?  When should you eat?  HOW are you eating?  WHY are you eating in the first place?

Every STRESS response is a blood sugar response – so identify your CHRONIC stressors!

How do you manage your STRESS?  Are you measuring your HRV, HR, Glucose, Ketones and recovery?  Test and not GUESS.

What are your sources of CHRONIC stress under the hood… your internal sources of chronic stress are HIDDEN sources that impact your hormones, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy and nervous systems.

You are a unique individual with different stressors, lifestyle habits and genetics from everyone else.  We have our innate intelligence that we need to activate and educate by bringing our body back to balance -to homeostasis.  More is not better… less is sometimes best but we need to find our unique balance- The GOLDILOCKS Effect for your cells.

Let’s chat about how you can feel, look and perform your best in life for this year – plus your FUTURE SELF!  Take ownership NOW for how you want to show up to life each day when you are 70-80-90 years old …don’t wait until you are struggling.

Schedule a call with me today to discover more with my three packages:

  1. The Assessment
  2. The Health Detective
  3. The VIP Comprehensive Journey

I am following my purpose…to help other driven athletes avoid going through what I went through starting TEN years ago.  Now I finally defined my purpose, passion and mission this past year – and that is to coach athletes like you to burn fat, optimize health and improve performance!!  Let’s Go!

By the way… tips to avoid gaining weight on the holidays or more specifically on a cruise ship as we did this holiday season:

  1. Take the stairs.  Avoid the elevator unless you are injured!
  2. Delay breakfast… start with LMNT in water + coffee with heavy cream (or black)
  3. Choose protein first and eat it first on your plate (steak and salmon for dinner)
  4. Gluten free, sugar and grain free… NSNG program
  5. Move more throughout the day and move after you eat at least 2 minutes
  6. Get to the gym to lift weights or bodyweight workout outside.
  7. Add in S.H.I.T. – short high intensity interval training 20-30 seconds all out burst training at end of workout 2-3x week (5 minutes!)
  8.  Limit or avoid alcohol …2 drinks max and 2 drinks per week (vodka gluten free soda (no tonic water!)
  9. SLEEP – wear blue blockers when possible, sleep in cold, dark room, sleep stack (magnesium, Glycine, Kion sleep) and wear eye mask!
  10. Focus on HOW you eat as well as what, when, and WHY.  Be mindful.  Supplements to help digest, gluten guardian and glycine.

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