Peter Defty created the OFM program to teach athletes how to become fat burners.

Optimized Fat Metabolism. What is it?

How do we “flip the switch” from being a carb burner and stuck on the blood sugar roller coaster?

What happens as you switch from a high carb diet to a low carb diet?

What is the processes of becoming fat adapted at a cellular level?

How does STRESS impact the WHOLE you including your ability to BURN FAT and OPTIMIZE MITOCHONDRIA?

If the fat adaptation process is a struggle for you- then schedule a consultation with me, Debbie Potts, to figure out if you should hire a “FDN Health Detective” to figure out an individualized program for you.

Top tips I read from Zach Bitter as well as from Peter Defty include:

  1. Be Patient
  2. Listen to your body
  3. Look at your lifestyle
  4. Carbs are not the enemy
  5. See stress HOLISTICALLY (or as I call it- “The WHOLESTIC Method”)
  6. The WHOLE animal
  7. Keep an eye on hydration

Learn more here with Peter Defy on how to optimize your fat metabolism and become a fat burning athlete.

OFM stands for Optimized Fat Metabolism . OFM essentially resets the body back to burning “fat as fuel” for most of the aerobic spectrum, because your body prefers to metabolize fat at high aerobic rates, rates much higher than the current science says is possible, but consistent with the emerging science on fat adaptation. Once an athlete is adapted, OFM actually enhances strategic carbohydrate use, so now carbohydrates work like they never worked before, by using less.

OFM (Optimized Fat Metabolism) was created & developed for VESPA athletes to consistently obtain the “game-changing” performance and health benefits of using VESPA and getting the body back to its natural state of using “fat as your fuel” for aerobic metabolism.

OFM is an integrated, multi-faceted approach to help the athlete make that fundamental shift back to burning “fat as fuel” for aerobic metabolism, even at higher aerobic levels.

Peter Defty

Emerging science from the FASTER Study is confirming what VESPA athletes already know; that fat metabolism plays a much larger role than previously thought possible and actually helps make carbohydrates use more powerful and sustainable.

OFM is not a “one size fits all” structured program. OFM empowers the athlete with the information, scientific basis, and real world application so each athlete can integrate OFM into their daily life by making achievable changes based upon each athlete’s unique situation.

The OFM benefits according to Peter Defty:

  • OFM works with your body’s natural physiology
  • Improved Physical Performance
  • Faster recovery
  • Improved body composition; i.e. ratio of lean body mass
  • Improved health
  • Improved Mental focus/Motor skills/Coordination & Emotional Stability
  • Feasibility & Metabolic Flexibility: It’s a LOT easier than most people think!
  • Greater Caloric Efficiency
  • Carbohydrates have a much stronger, more sustainable effect using less
  • No bonking
  • Elimination of intestinal issue in most athletes

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