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What are you eating each day?

  • How are you eating your meals?
  • Why are you eating?
  • When are you eating your meals?
  • What should you eat?

It depends.

Summary: nutrient dense whole foods that are from nature and balance your blood sugar. Provide energy, satiety and eliminate sugar cravings!

Ideally test and not guess with functional lab tests, heart rate, HRV, glucose meter and ketones to learn about how your food choices and meal combinations impact your health!

We want to prioritize protein 30-50g per meal (ideal body weight in ounces of protein per day spread out between meals), feed our microbiome and match our fueling with training intensity.

We want to fast from dinner to break-fast around 12-hours or more depending on the person, activity level, hormones and stress levels.

Here are some charts I saved from Pinterest and put on my board.

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How does food make you feel after the meal??



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