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Health Optimization Package

Are you a “Health Optimizer”?

Are you curious what is under your hood?

How do you know if you are running your engines at optimal levels- or if you are creating excess stress to your “engine parts” ?

You don’t really know what is going on unless you incorporate well-chosen functional lab testing to look at the WHOLE you from the inside out.

As a certified FDN Practitioner, “Health Detective” and Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, I offer 3-month or longer individual health rebuilding coaching programs ($797 per month with 3-month minimum then $597 per month follow up) which includes weekly coaching calls and lifestyle coaching using the elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method”

Some people just are curious what is “under the hood”… if you don’t have specific health concerns and struggles then you may be interested in one of the HEALTH OPTIMIZERS package.


  1. Total Health Optimizer Coaching Package
  2. Health Optimizer Package #1 Lab
  3. Health Optimizer Package #2 Labs
  4. Health Optimizer Package #3 Labs
  • Are you already working on your Diet, Rest, Exercise and Stressors (External)?
  • Do you think you are HEALTHY on the inside and out?
  • Are you concerned about improving the aging process and enjoying retirement without spending each week at the doctors office?
  • How do you know if your “engine” is running at optimal levels on the inside?
  • Do you wonder if your way of living life is speeding up the aging process?
  • Are you curious if you have hidden internal chronic stressors that may be impacting your ability to optimize your health, achieve peak performance gains and enhance your longevity?
  • You don’t know unless you test and assess the WHOLE picture with well chosen functional lab tests with “The WHOLESTIC Method” Health Detective- FDN Practitioner, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner health coach Debbie Potts
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If you are just curious about learning more about your health from the inside out – then I am now offering a simple “Health Optimizer” bio-hacker package for you.

The WHOLESTIC Method: Health Optimizer Package: $997

Package Includes:

  • Intake forms – health history, METABOLIC CHAOS test, Nutritional Therapy Assessment Questionnaire and food log with symptoms via Nutri-Q online program.
  • Lab assessments & clinical correlation
  • Results and recommendations: included in 2-45 minute coaching sessions
  • Create you an individualized “D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success” protocol based on our total investigation
  • We identify your external stressors and hidden internal stressors.
  • Functional lab testing kits ordered by Debbie and shipping directly to your home then you self-test (then we assess!)
  • You pay the lab fees and self test …directions included in testing kits
    • Hormones
    • GI map-pathogen
    • Microbiome
    • Food sensitivities
    • Metabolic assessment
    • Leaky (IP) gut test
    • Metabolic Typing Test via
  • Intake forms collection and assessment time
  • Functional labs ordered via the FDN Practitioner Medical Director program- you purchase separately when ship in your testing kit results.
  • “Metabolic Chaos” scorecard analysis
  • Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire results analysis
  • The FDN Health detective investigative process into collecting clues and correlating data to create your individualized 90-day “DRESS for Health Success” protocol
  • One 30-minute intake call to discuss history, symptoms, concerns, lifestyle habits and goals
  • Two 45-minute results and recommendations call – once all lab testing results are collected, assessment and clinical correlations are completed
  • Optional follow-up to answer questions on your individualized protocol based on assessments and investigation as well as to re-asses and update program (additional fee)
  • Optional monthly follow-up online coaching call available for an additional fee to re-assessment and update program (course correct as needed)

Pure, clean, guilt-free energy is now just a cup away!

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