Debbie and Dr. Lisa go deep today on their WHY, Passion, Purpose and Mission!

Dr. Lisa is on a mission to make healthy living simple!


“I’ve seen too many people get overwhelmed with making healthy changes in their life, or they follow some “guru” only to tank their health. (My own personal story– I was doing everything “right” Cross fitting 5 days a week, eating keto paleo, and struggling to be a size 12-14. I felt judged, especially by my patients.

“In 2016 I jumped head first into Intermittent Fasting, following the male bloggers. I did it super strict– I lost weight, but I lost my health. I was finally “skinny and sexy” in the worlds eyes, but my health was gone– exhausted, hormones tanked, lost hair by the handfuls. And when I searched for answers, I was only told I was doing it wrong by the male bloggers. I went back to my books and realized that women must do things differently.”

We chat about our lessons learned and how we can help other people avoid going through what we had happen to us-

  1. What is your WHY?
  2. How do you lose and find your vibrant self again?
  3. We talk intermittent fasting (women vs. men)
  4. Tracking and biohacking your body… ketones, resting heart rate, sleep, etc.


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Dr. Lisa Olszewski is a chiropractor, naturopath and keto lifestyle expert, known to travel across the world to meet friends for dinner and rack up frequent flyer miles. When she’s not adjusting spines in her chiropractic office, she’s passionately making healthy living simple through her online courses, virtual summits and one on one coaching so everyone can achieve a vibrant level of health.

She recently made history in the state of Michigan by becoming the first female President of the Michigan Association of Chiropractors. She’s the Founder and CEO of Precision Spinal Care and the American Institute of Healthy Living, and is revolutionizing health care through her Healthy Living Simple movement. You can download her latest hacks to vibrant health at



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