Debbie’s Superfood Gut Repair Shake. 

1. Keto Bone Broth Protein or other non-GMO, organic protein powder

2. Glutamine- one scoop

3. Collagen Peptides – one scoop

4. Avocado- 1/2

5. Coconut natural shredded- no sweetener 1/4 cup

6. Low oxalate greens or Athletic Greens, Mighty Maca, Keto Green or

7. Sea Salt- Redmond’s Sea Salt or good source Himalayan sea salt

8. Glycine 5 grams – and/or Kion Aminos 1 scoop

9. Maca powder- organic 1 tbsp.

10. Chia seeds and flax seeds (if low estrogen) 1/4 cup (let soak in water to thicken)

11. Medicinal mushrooms 1 tbsp. as Lairds or Four Sigmatic

12. Optional-

a. 1/4 cup of Kion Coffee brewed if morning time

b. 1 tbsp. raw nut butter (almond)

c. Stress adaptogens Blend up as Gaia herbs

Throw into blender and mix with filtered ice and water … voila! Be sure to drink slowly or use a spoon to enjoy a thick nutritious, gut rebuilding, superfoods shake! 

Break your fast with this amazing and satisfying shake! 

Let me know how you like it or what changes you make to it for your needs/tastes!

Debbie Potts

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