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Episode #472 The Ketologist Chris Irvine on fat loss, health & performance

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Chris Irvin, M.S.

Chris Irvin is a health researcher, writer, and educator focusing on the impact of low carb and keto diets on health and human performance. Chris has a master’s degree in exercise and nutrition science and spent his time in graduate school studying and conducting ketogenic research. Chris is the creator of the brand The Ketologist, which is known for producing social media infographics and educational health content. Chris is the author of Keto Answers, Mommy Do I Have to Eat This?, and is the education manager at Perfect Keto.

During our discussion, you will discover the description of keto and its benefits to the endurance athlete, the importance of staying in nutritional ketosis while exercising, and the best time to break a fast. You will also learn the mental component of ketones, matching your nutrition and exercise, and the biggest disclaimer of the ketogenic diet. Tune in to learn more!


Episode resources:



[02:34] Chris Irvin’s background information

[11:42] Irvin’s description of keto and its benefits for endurance athletes

[12:47] Is it beneficial for someone to be in nutritional ketosis while they are exercising?

[21:03] The mental component of ketones

[30:50] The best time to break a fast

[36:19] Are all carbs evil?

[41:01] Matching your nutrition and exercise

[46:13] The biggest disclaimer of the ketogenic diet

[55:55] The Holistic Method Comprehensive Coaching Program

[01:06:00] Investing in your longevity


Notable quotes:

  • “For an athlete, the priority of your health goals is a little from somebody who is just trying to lose weight or manage a disease which leads to a different approach to nutrition.”
  • “Ketones are not just a performance fuel but also a mental fuel. An increase in ketones increases the energy that is supplied to our brains.”
  • “As an athlete, if you are doing fasted exercises that are leading to a low protein intake and a calorie deficit that is not wanted then it is not a good strategy.”
  • “The future you will never be mad that you invested in your future health.”
  • “There is no one size fits all approach. We need a little more personalization to figure out how to match our fueling with our training and recovery program.”


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