A great new video from Thomas DeLauer on exercising and fasting… when is the ideal time to fast and not blow up your cortisol levels?

Cortisol goes up with fasting – as a stress response but as we get used to any “stress” and adaptation occurs.

Acute Stress vs. Chronic Stressors

When is the ideal time for exercise when fasting and WHAT TYPE of exercise is ideal??

1. Low intensity exercise as walking , easy bike ride, swim or hike (MAF type heart rate)

2. Lifting weights

What if exercise in the middle of your fast? Intense workouts? Maybe best in the start or the end of your fast.

Protein is needed when you, the athlete, breaks your fast as Kion Aminos, clean protein shake or grass fed clean animal protein. I would suggest breaking your fast with liquid first as Kion Aminos in water plus LMNT then Bone Broth as from Bonafide Provisions – maybe add a little Ghee or MCT oils.

Are you tracking your HRV as you train and do some fasting? You can use your HRV to track how much you have adapted to fasting as well as your recovery from workouts! So cool.

Then we get even deeper when we look at training and fasting for the female athlete that is cycling.

More to come as I focus my research on fasting tips for The Low Carb Athlete and the Low Carb FEMALE athlete -pre menopause.

Are you able to recover from a fast or when is fasting become another source of CHRONIC stress when you are doing TOO MUCH of fasting – as too much of anything can lead to METABOLIC CHAOS from the accumulation of CHRONIC STRESS!