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Check out H.V.M.N.’s new product out called KETONE I.Q….let’s find out more about why we need ketones, when we should take them and how to use them in our daily life as well as training or racing.

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One of my morning “hack stacks” I am testing on ME

Ketone-IQ™️ is a drinkable ketone designed to be taken daily to support mental clarity, athletic performance, and metabolic health. This drinkable ketone contains no caffeine, no sugar—just clean, natural energy to power your brain and body.
  • Ketones 101
  • Metabolic flexibility 101
  • Ketones purpose and benefits
  • Break down into –
  • Fat loss
  • Performance
  • Recovery
  • Sleep
  • Fasting
  • Fasted exercise
  • Stacks

Ketone IQ from HVMN here

Save 10% off with our podcast code LOWCARBATHLETE

Sustained Energy

Ketone-IQ™️ elevates your blood ketone levels to the optimal range for a period of 3 hours.

Clean Energy

Ketone-IQ™️ delivers energy without a sugar crash or insulin spike.

Metabolic Boost

Ketone-IQ™️ elevates your ketone levels so your body runs on ketones instead of sugar, delivering better energy and sharper focus.

Effective and Safe

One of my evening “stack hacks” I am testing out plus now with their SNORE sleep supplement 1-2 hours before bed.

Ketone-IQ™️ is FDA GRAS and compliant with the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Dr. Latt Mansor is the Research Lead of HVMN and oversees all of the research efforts and collaborations of the company with universities and research institutions, and he is currently the principal investigator of the Phase II SOCOM STTR award held by HVMN. Latt holds a DPhil from University of Oxford and focused his research in the metabolism of type 2 diabetic heart in hypoxia. Prior to his DPhil, Latt completed a MA Biotechnology from Columbia University, New York and a First Class BSc (Hons) in Biotechnology from the University of Nottingham, UK.

His interest in diabetes and cardiovascular disease stemmed from the high prevalence of those diseases in both his parents’ family. He then developed interests in metabolism and exercise during his undergraduate years as he created a mathematical model of adipose tissue metabolism for his final year project. After losing 20 kg in the same year by adopting behavioral change in lifestyle and healthy eating, he then moved onto finding new ways and channels to make the science and knowledge more relatable and accessible to the general public.

Although his education was primarily in health sciences, Latt always believed that collaborative efforts between science and business have more potential to create an impact in improving people’s lives than each on its own. His past experience in academic research, healthtech startups, clinical operations, pharmaceuticals and business development sets him apart to provide oversight on the scientific research behind all of the H.V.M.N. products and, lead all research efforts and direction at the company. He is a world expert in physiology and metabolism, and consults with elite sport, military, clinical and research organizations. Latt forges strategic research partnerships with top academic and research organizations to improve and create new technologies to improve health via modern nutrition.

Topic of Interest

  • Metabolism and physiology in healthy and diseased populations
  • Nutrition therapeutics
  • Chronic diseases, especially type 2 diabetes
  • Role of exogenous ketones in athletic performance and recovery
  • Role of exogenous ketones in neurodegenerative diseases and longevity
  • Strength and conditioning training
  • Translational science and its applications
  • Intersection of nutritional intervention and digital health technology

Follow-up questions for Latt added into our podcast audio interview:

Leaky gut – ketogenic diet has been shown to help with leaky gut via decreasing inflammation in the gut microbiome. I would argue the same effect with Ketone-IQ and we deliberately chose to commercialise Ketone-IQ for its palatability and affordability so that people can have it throughout the day, stay in elevated ketone state, without having to adhere to a strict ketogenic diet.

Longevity and brain – Most of the studies that showed longevity specifically have been in animal models but we know for sure that as we age, our metabolism and brain health deteriorate and causes decreased quality of life. The risk of diabetes for example increases with age. Ketones have been shown to improve glycemic response in healthy AND diabetic individuals, in addition to helping them rely less on sugar for energy. In addition, the anti-inflammatory properties in ketones also help mitigate the risks of most chronic diseases caused by chronic inflammation. In terms of brain health, ketones have been shown to decrease brain network stabilization associated with aging and the benefits of ketones in brain health are well established especially when the neurodegenerative disease is due to energy deficiency or impaired glucose metabolism. This is due to the fact that ketones can pass the BBB to produce ATP for the brain and overcome the energy deficiency.

What is Metabolic Flexibility – in a therapeutic sense, metabolic flexibility refers to the ability to swap substrates (e.g. from carbs to fat or vice versa) when needed in certain conditions (such as in hypoxia or low oxygen environment). In performance perspective, we often use the term metabolic flexibility when describing the extra tank of fuel that exogenous can provide in addition to the carb and fat storage in our bodies. This way our body, as an efficient machine will have the option to choose between these substrates, utilize the most efficient ones first and maintain the storage of the others to provide energy for a prolonged workout period.

Learn more about how to use H.V.M.N. Ketone IQ here

Some of my other favorite HACK STACKS include…

BiOptimizers: order their KApex and Magnesium (best one)

BiOptimizers link here



kApex® is a one of a kind supplement designed to support keto, low-carb, and paleo digestion. Our CEO Matt Gallant has been on a keto diet for 26 years and coached hundreds of people through it. He observed that many people struggle with keto flu and digestive problems, which prevent them from fully benefiting from ketosis. KApex® is a 100% plant-based formulation that supports a smooth transition into ketosis and reduces potential side effects of keto-adaptation by:

• Providing the digestive enzymes to help break down fats and proteins, along with dandelion root to increase bile flow
• Increasing mitochondrial function and fat burning pathway, which optimizes ketogenesis
• Boosting energy, cognitive function, and stamina
• Supporting healthy trace mineral levels

Magnesium Breakthrough

Magnesium is one of the most important minerals for all aspects of health. It participates in over 600 different biochemical reactions in your body. Yet, over 80% of the population is deficient! And magnesium deficiency can increase all disease risks and keep you from performing optimally. Want great restful sleep and less anxiety and more feelings of joy? BiOptimizers’ Magnesium Breakthrough is the only magnesium supplement on the planet that gives you all 7 forms – in the optimum dose – helping you feel calm, sleep better, and upgrade virtually every function in your body.

Save with our podcast code:  LOWCARBATHLETE and try out magnesium in the evening to improve your stress and recovery!

Protein Shake:

  1. Gluten GI Restore
  2. Collagen Peptides
  3. Four Sigmatic Protein Blend Vanilla
  4. Ancient Nutrition Bone Broth Protein
  5. Nut butter- if need taste as sunflower butter
  6. Blend with ice and water
  7. optional coconut milk or coconut cream splash
  8. Maca powder- 100% maca