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The Low Carb Athlete 500th Episode Celebration with Brock Armstrong & Debbie Potts

Life is NOT a Race… It is a Journey.

What has your journey been the past ten years?

What does your FUTURE self look like in the next ten years?

Coach Debbie started this podcast with co-host Brock Armstrong for a year after Jon Smith left the show (FIT FAT FAST) and now Debbie continues to follow her passion with her own podcast show!

Big Topics we dive into:

  1. BG Superhuman Coach Conference
  2. Red Flags in our own health and lifestyles
  3. Biohacking experiments, N=1 Lessons Learned
  4. Ironman elite athletes, marathons, 50k trail run to today
  5. The Goldilocks Effects on nutrition, carbs, fat, fasting, and more to find your SWEET SPOT

What has happened in the past 10-15 years in the low carb endurance athlete world? Debbie Potts brings back her co-host Brock Armstrong to review fueling, training and performance tips from the past ten years. We dive into… How has low carb fueling and training evolved in the past 15 years? What have you changed in your own nutritional program? How did your views change? What do we know about matching fueling with our training and fasting? Brocks pervious life bio… Brock Armstrong has one goal: to help people move more of their body, more often in more and more interesting and satisfying ways. Brock is a fitness/movement coach who has more than a decade of experience coaching people of all levels to increase their ability to move through this world with ease and confidence. After being sidelined from a career as a professional ballet dancer, a brief bout as a desk jockey, and a solid attempt at endurance sports, Brock now embraces a more functional and behavioural approach to fitness and movement. This comes from his background in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and his extensive experience in the health and wellness industry working with many leading personal trainers, coaches, gurus, and wellness consultants including: Mark Sisson (Primal Blueprint), Katy Bowman (Nutritious Movement), Monica Reinagel (Nutrition Diva), Brad Kearns (author), Dave Asprey (Bulletproof), Ben Greenfield (Kion), Abel James (Fat-Burning Man) and Mark Divine (Unbeatable Mind). Brock’s previous podcast is called Second Wind Fitness and you can find it anywhere you listen to audio. Brock is also writer and podcaster for Scientific American and co-hosts the podcast Change Academy with Monica Reinagel. He has appeared as a guest and co-host on many health and wellness podcasts, such as: Fat-Burning Man, Ben Greenfield Fitness, Primal Blueprint, Primal Endurance, B.Rad Podcast, Happy Brain, Endurance Planet, and The Whole Athlete. Are you an ambitious, driven, high charging athlete who is struggling to get the desired results even when doing all the “right” things? Are you struggling with fat loss, poor recovery and inflammation?

Did you know Debbie started FIT FAT FAST podcast in 2011 with co-host John Smith then Brock Armstrong?  She then changed the name (as we lost the hosting site and had to start over) to SHUT THE FRONT DOOR… then realized that wasn’t such a good name then called the show THE WHOLE ATHLETIC to go with her THE WHOLESTIC METHOD coaching program but then got a letter from a company with a similar name … so we changed the name to THE LOW CARB ATHLETE podcast!

The Fit Fat Fast podcast is hosted by Debbie Potts, and it covers a range of topics related to health, fitness, and nutrition. Here are the titles and brief descriptions of the first 10 episodes:

  1. “Welcome to the Fit Fat Fast Podcast” – Debbie introduces the podcast and shares her own personal health journey.
  2. “The Benefits of Low Carb and Keto Diets” – Debbie discusses the benefits of low-carb and keto diets and shares tips for getting started.
  3. “The Importance of Sleep for Health and Fitness” – Debbie talks about the critical role that sleep plays in overall health and fitness.
  4. “The Power of Intermittent Fasting” – Debbie explains the benefits of intermittent fasting and shares different fasting protocols.
  5. “The Connection Between Gut Health and Overall Health” – Debbie discusses the gut microbiome and its impact on overall health.
  6. “The Benefits of Strength Training for Women” – Debbie talks about the benefits of strength training for women and shares tips for getting started.
  7. “The Role of Hormones in Health and Fitness” – Debbie discusses the role that hormones play in health and fitness, and shares strategies for balancing hormones naturally.
  8. “The Importance of Mindset in Achieving Your Health and Fitness Goals” – Debbie talks about the power of mindset in achieving health and fitness goals, and shares tips for cultivating a growth mindset.
  9. “The Role of Inflammation in Chronic Disease” – Debbie explains the link between inflammation and chronic disease, and shares strategies for reducing inflammation in the body.
  10. “The Benefits of High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)” – Debbie discusses the benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and shares different workout protocol.  Simply search for “Fit Fat Fast” in your preferred podcast app or visit Debbie Potts’ website to access the episodes.

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