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Coach Debbie on Zone Testing and Training

Testing Your Metabolic Rate What it means?

It’s a gauge of how fast or slow your metabolism is. In other words, whether your body is burning more or fewer calories than what’s predicted based on your weight, gender, age, and height.

Why it’s important for your performance?

A high Metabolic Rate (i.e., having both a high Resting Metabolic Rate and low mechanical efficiency) indicates low levels of training fatigue accumulations. Reduction in Resting Metabolic Rate and/or increase in Mechanical Efficiency in low exercise intensities are highly correlated with unsustainable accumulation of exercise strain.

Why it’s important for your wellness?

A high Metabolic Rate will protect you from weight gain as your body will burn more calories allowing you to eat more without gaining weight. It also facilitates weight loss as burning more calories means that even a modest restriction in food intake will result in a meaningful calorie de”cit and weight loss. A high Metabolic Rate is attained through a high Resting Metabolic Rate and a low Mechanical Efficiency in low exercise intensities.

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