Ketogenic diet concept – low carb healthy food but which foods are best to feed your microbiome? Test and not guess about your gut biome here

Are you struggling to lose weight even though you are doing all the “right” things in life?  Perhaps you are eating keto because you read on social media that you could drop weight quickly.  Do you feel that you try everything and you still can get your body and vibrant self back again? 

STOP blaming the aging process and accepting the changes in your body as your “new normal”.  You don’t have to settle to this new “normal” …instead let’s start investigating what is actually going on “under the hood” to collect clues on your HIDDEN internal sources of chronic stress.  We also need to become more aware of our CHRONIC sources of stress as watching the news daily (I stopped watching TV in June 2020!), and spending too many hours a day on our electronic devices.  Are you ready to start a total transformational program? 

To be Keto, Carnivore, Paleo or Keto Green?

The first step is working on what you are eating as well as HOW, WHEN and WHY.  I love to help my clients work on figuring out WHAT to eat as well as their relationships to food while we wait for their chosen functional alb tests to return.  We also focus on health building lifestyle habits to reduce our chronic stressors and work on implementing healthy doses of short bursts of stress as intermittent fasting, morning fasted exercise, strength/cardio exercise intervals, hot/cold therapy.  WE also work on stress reduction exercises as nature walks, yoga, meditation, nasal breathing and gratitude work. 


Here are some of my clues I have collected this year on my own health investigation to improve my ability to burn fat, improve performance and longevity.

My Functional Keystone Species

BiomeFx in My Gut Keystone species =  

  • The beneficial bacteria that have a disproportionately large effect on both their habitat and the status of other microbial communities of the gut.
  • Keystone species create an environment that is unfriendly to pathogens yet allows good gut microbes (commensal) to thrive.
  • This section compares relative abundances between your gut and the healthy gut microbiome.
  • Keystone Species Function- Healthy Relative Abundance?
  • Akkermansia muciniphila metabolism and SCFA 0.07 – 1.45 Not Detected
  • Faecalibacterium prausnitzii intestinal health and SCFA 1.14 – 4.83 3.86
  • Ruminococcus bromii cellulose degrader 0.13 – 1.64 1.75
  • Ruminococcus flavefaciens cellulose degrader 0.0 – 0.01 Not Detected
  • Roseburia intestinalis beta-mannan degrader, butyrate producer 0.15 – 1.18 0.58
  • Eubacterium rectale butyrate producer 0.61 – 3.46 0.95
  • Bifidobacterium longum acetate producer 0.04 – 1.01 Not Detected
  • Lactobacillus species lactate producer 0.02 – 0.27 Not Detected
  • Butyricicoccus pullicaecorum butyrate producer 0.02 – 0.06 Not Detected

WOW… so many key bacteria strains that are NOT DETECTED.

Chronic stressors, external and internal, can impact your ability to BURN FAT!

How are your stress levels this year?

My life has dramatically changed in 2020 and now I can spend more time focusing on ME…the gift of CV virus.

Test and not guess WHY your body may be off and not at my ideal level with various labs- not just one test but a combination of functional lab tests that provides insights to what is ACTUALLY going on inside that is leading to METABOLIC CHAOS.

We are all unique individuals with different ancestors, genetics, microbiome diversity, food sensitivities and sources of CHRONIC stress (inside and out). Perhaps I need to add more alkaline greens and prebiotic fibers into my daily meal plan as inulin and chicory as in my Mighty Maca.

Coming soon in my upcoming blog posts…

  1. What does BUTYRATE production mean and WHY do we need functioning at optimal levels for us to be functioning at optimal levels?
  2. How do we boost BUTYRATE Production?
  3. What are SCFA and WHY are they important
  4. What are cellulose degraders?
  5. What are acetate producers?
  6. What are lactate producers?

Learn more about Microbiome Labs test – BiomeFx to find out what is going on under your hood here!

Learn more about the Keto Green 16 program and testing your alkanlinity …Dr. Anna Cabeca resources if you are over 40 as myself and want to TEST and not GUESS if you are doing all the “Right” things: 

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