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Episode #504 Latt Mansor on HVMN Ketone IQ Research for Anaerobic Performance

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Our guest for today, Dr. Latt Mansor, is a lead researcher at H.V.M.N and a metabolism expert with over 8 years of experience in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries. He also holds a DPhil in Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics from the University of Oxford and a MA in Biotechnology from Columbia University. His research was on the effect of hypoxia on the metabolism in type 2 diabetic patience. In addition to his research training, Latt has experience as a startup founder and coordinating clinical trials for a large, multinational pharmaceutical company.

During our discussion, you will discover the new research on how Ketone IQ improves anaerobic performance and how the research was conducted. Dr. Latt explains how ketones improve the performance of the endurance athlete, how liver congestion affects metabolic flexibility, and why people should have higher levels of ketones if they are not exercising. He also talks about the ideal times of being in nutritional ketosis and the value of proteins in the body. Tune in to learn more!

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[06:27] Latt Mansor’s background information

[13:32] How Dr. Latt is taking care of himself in his busy schedule

[14:56] How ketones improve the performance of the endurance athlete

[18:00] The new research on how Ketone IQ improves anaerobic performance

[21:29] How the research on Ketone IQ was conducted

[25:28] Building mental resilience to improve performance

[26:08] The recommended zone 2 and zone 5 for mitochondrial health

[30:04] How the people were fueling during the tests

[33:35] The type of workouts that Dr. Latt recommends for testing your performance

[37:41] Taking ketones if you are already trying to be in strict nutritional ketosis

[40:55] How liver congestion affects metabolic flexibility

[42:27] Why people should have higher levels of ketones if they are not exercising

[48:46] The ideal times of being in a nutritional ketosis

[54:22] The value of proteins in our body

Notable quotes:

  • “Don’t blame the aging process. Embrace it and change how you train if you want to live your best life through the second half of your life.”
  • “If our bodies are designed to be able to metabolize glucose, fats, proteins, and ketones, then we are meant to be able to take them all in.”
  • “Excessive calories whether it’s sugar or fats, especially when taken together are bad, and taking processed food is bad.”

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