Sleep is crucial for a productive day…

How is your sleep?

But when life is busy, sleep is neglected. Used during the hours before bedtime when exposed to blue light, we can find a way to help you fall asleep faster.

I don’t know about your eyes and sleep this past year but the computer screen time has been KILLING my eyeballs and impacting my sleep if I don’t manage my screen time.

My OURA ring (new gift for Valentine’s Day) has helped me “biohack” my sleep by tracking what I do before bedtime and then analyzing my sleep the next morning as well as “readiness” and HRV score.

My OURA Ring “READINESS SCORE” includes…

  • resting heart rate
  • HRV balance
  • body temperature
  • recovery index
  • previous night
  • sleep balance
  • previous day activity
  • activity balance

I am learning what impacts my sleep and quality of sleep. If I stay up too late (weekends) then my sleep is impacted as I don’t sleep in very well then my workouts (key long bike and long run days on the weekends) – so my readiness score is impacted.

Take care of the WHOLE you to be FIT and HEALTHY!

If I am working later at night for webinars as Tuesdays I have a call with Seeking Health StrateGene training for four months – my sleep is impacted.

Screen time definitely impacts my sleep which impacts my overall “readiness” score and ability to have great workout sessions. What can I do to improve my sleep and readiness scores?

Wear blue blocking glasses during the day as I am NOT used to working on a computer ALL Day long as I have been a personal trainer and coach for 28 years! This new online zoom calls and conference calls plus writing blogs, researching client’s lab tests and nutritional therapy assessments – all require time on the computer = screen time = burned out eyeballs = excessive blue light and circadian rhythm disruption.

You can take the CHRONOTYPE QUIZ here -The Power of When to find out the best times of the day to do work and life activities for your body but you still need to manage your time online and reduce the impacts of BLUE LIGHTS with quality glasses your can wear in the day time and evening – without looking like a goof ball and wearing “fake” glasses (quality control!).

How long on you are on your computer devices in the daytime?

I have found two brands I like for blue blocker glasses- RaOptics and Swannies. I find Swannies more affordable for people who need to save their eyeballs and improve their sleep- and you can trust the quality of glasses.

Learn more here

Swannies are Backed By Science

Being the only blue ligh blocking glasses that have been independently and scientifically validated, Night Swannies are proven to increase sleep quality. Night Swannies block over 99% of blue light in the harmful 400-500nm.

A recent study by the University of Washington and Indiana University was published in the Journal of Applied Psychology and featured in the Harvard Business Review

Findings included that those who wore Swannies:

  • Slept 6% longer.
  • Improved the quality of their sleep by 11%
  • Improved their task performance by 9%
  • Increased their work engagement by 8.25%
  • Increased their helping behavior by 18%
  • Decreased their negative work behavior by 12%
Are you blocking the blue light at night and limiting screen time?

How can you improve your sleep?

It is how you start and end your day… and manage the in-between habits!

For Sleep: To optimize your sleep:

  • Night Swannies should be worn at least 1-2 hours before bedtime continuously
  • Try not to take them off at all until you have turned off all lights and devices and are already in bed ready to sleep.
  • Some people find better results from wearing them even earlier.  Experiment to find what works best for you!

For Daytime Blue Light Protection:

Artificial blue light is not just a nighttime problem!

Using digital devices during the day and harsh interior home and office lighting causes eyestrain, headaches and fatigue.

It is important to take regular breaks from screens and electric light during the day.

Gaining natural light exposure (i.e. sunshine) regularly during daylight hours will aid a health circadian rhythm.

For indoor protection from artificial blue light during daylight hours, we recommend our Day Swannies collections.

How are you improving your sleep each night?

I know I am focused on improving my health from the inside out- and that includes paying attention to the eight elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method” program. SLEEP is my priority right now.

Let’s get you started on your health transformation program.

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