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Why did I wait until 2019 to become a student of Reed Davis and become a “health detective”? 

I finally closed my fitness studio in October 2019, so I knew after ten years of being a small business owner with a huge overhead that caused me monthly stress, it was time to prepare for my real passion and purpose – to become a health practitioner.  Now I am focusing on helping others avoid going through what happened to me over the years- living life as a race.  I learned so much about my self the past eight years- my triggers, my red flags, and my chronic stressors on the inside out.  If I didn’t run all the five main functional lab tests for my own self then look at the BIG picture – I would never have seen the hidden internal stressors that continued to be re-activated  from my crazy fast paced life and my constant stress as a small business owner in a competitive industry.  If I took the FDN Course earlier, I would have been adding additional stress to my stressed business owner lifestyle!  In May of 2019, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and I knew this was the time to follow my passion and purpose.

My passion is to help solve the unexplained health complaints or concerns clients struggle with each day- and help be that person that will work with them as much as needed to put the missing pieces of the puzzle back together by working on the WHOLE person with the functional lab testing we recommended in our FDN practitioner program but also assess their nutritional therapy needs from our tools used in our NTP program- then I combine other training as lifestyle habits and genetics that I have gained from people as Ben Greenfield and Paul Chek plus DNA Fit and soon StrateGene.  Someday I would love to take other programs as Mark Sisson’s Primal Coach but there are only so many hours in the day and days in the year.

Today, what drives me is knowing there are not many people out their that understand what is like to not get results and treat each client as an individuals since most practitioners or doctors seem to just look at my lab results and give me supplements.

We are all unique bio-individuals with different genetic makeup, microbiome, food sensitivities, lifestyle habits, families, work schedules, exercise goals and sleep routines.  My happiness is found when I can help guide an individual who was lost and not getting results by doing all the “right” things told from others and help them find the right transformational path so they can love who they are and be the best version of themselves. 

One of my biggest pet peeves, or two, is when people blame the aging process for how they feel and accept this as their new “normal”.  you don’t have to settle for mediocracy- you can choose to strive for excellency, vitality, and resiliency.  We have a choice… I know I want to live my life to the fullest.  I want to be traveling around the world when I am 70 plus years old and walking up the hills without assistance!  I want to wake up with energy and thrive each day. 

What about you?

I will leave you with nine tips from Dr. Lipman that correlates with my “The WHOLESTIC Method” program to optimize your mitochondria -which help you burn fat, improve athletic performance, and enhance your longevity. 

These are my goals in life but what are yours? 

Let me know as we can set up a discovery call to learn more.

Ideally, we always working on the foundations of Nutritional Therapy plus the lifestyle habits of “The WHOLESTIC Method” program:

  1. Eating nutrient dense food
  2. Proper digestion function
  3. Balance blood sugar (blood sugar regulation)
  4. Essential Fatty Acids
  5. Mineral Balance
  6. Hydration
  7. Plus, I will add…Essential Amino Acids
MitoQ supports our mitochondria

You can’t out supplement a bad diet, but you also can’t out exercise a poor diet.  Proper nutrition (metabolic typing), avoiding inflammatory or sensitive/reactive foods and healthy lifestyle habits (low EMF, sunlight, sleep, stress reduction), are all essential part of living as a HEALTH OPTIMIZER!

Dr. Lipman favorite supplements to enhance Mitochondria function include:

  • Nicotinamide Riboside, Alpha Lipoic Acid.
  • Glutathione; CoQ10
  • The B vitamins
  • Magnesium
  • Fish or krill oil
  • L Carnitine

Learn more from Dr, Lipman here on how to boost your Mitochondria

I have shared my very personal life story in my book “LIFE IS NOT A RACE… IT IS A JOURNEY” (available on Amazon!) to help you avoid going through what happened to me over the years.  My “breakdown and burnout” didn’t just suddenly happen in March 2013, but rather it built up for years as I was thriving in life but gradually breakdown my body systems at a cellular level without being aware of any of my red flags.  If you related to my short story today, then I would suggest diving into my life store and solutions in my book plus my “The WHOLESTIC Method” manual and workbook also on Amazon.

I created the eight elements of “The WHOLESTIC Method” program over five years ago, as I knew my clients and my own health was not helping my performance and longevity by only working on my exercise- nor just my exercise and nutrition.  There is so much more to being healthy or being a “HEALTH OPTIMIZER” than exercise alone.  If we are constantly busy, over scheduled, and multi-tasking from the time we wake up until we hit the pillow at night- we are only slowly killing ourselves.

My goal is to help you learn the tools how you can thrive and feel your best each day- operate and perform at your full potential.  Everyone is different so we don’t know which pieces of the puzzle you are missing to bring your body back up to functioning at 110% each day.

The doctor may say your “labs are normal” or “this is a part of aging” …and there is nothing wrong with you BUT you know when you are off and sometimes it is hard to explain.  I know when I am feeling not my best on the inside and out, so sometimes we may be doing everything we THINK is right and doing what we are TOLD but we may be missing a few key areas of opportunity that need to “reset, reboot and recalibrate” to restore the WHOLE you.

Are you tired of trying everything but not getting the results you are looking for in life? 

Do you try to change what you are eating and when you are eating – plus exercising more and you still can’t lose weight?

Are you exercising each day but not able to burn fat and increase muscle tone?

Perhaps you work out, but it takes days to recovery and repair?

Let me know if you want to learn more how I can help you and we can investigate your missing pieces of the puzzle to feel, look and perform you best in life (and sports!).

Sleep is key to health as LIVER time at 2AM in TCM- Chinese Medicine

What are the top three reasons you may feel fat, tired, and burned out? 

  1. Listen to your own red flags of when life becomes to much and you feel overwhelmed- then prioritize time for yourself first. 
    1. Carve out more time each day to stop, breathe and reset…rush more and be present.
    1. Identify and make a list of your energy robbers – people and things.  Who creates stress and anxiety for you?  What experiences create stress for you as clutter in your house or too many people at an event.
  • Are you eating real food but multi-tasking when you are eating?
    • Are you eating food in the SNS “fight or flight” or PNS “rest and digest” system?
    • You could be eating great food but not digestion the food properly – you may benefit from supporting your digestion with HCL and Digestive Enzymes.  Nutritional Therapy Assessment may help identify common signs and symptoms of poor digestion.
    • Do you have a damaged gut wall lining/barrier and “holes” in your gut (Leaky Gut) that you aren’t able to absorb the required nutrients to optimize your health and performance?  Gut dysbiosis and permeable gut wall lining tests are beneficial.
    • Are you being too restrictive in your foods you are eating or eating too much of the wrong foods?  Food sensitivity lab tests and blood sugar testing is beneficial.
Dictionary definition of the word Stress.
  • Are you exercising too much or too little? 
    • Do you struggle with overtraining and under recovery?
    • Are you training and pacing by a heart rate monitor?  Low intensity workouts with some HIIT workout session each week when appropriate?
    • Do you measure your heart rate variability? We can use HRV testing to measure recovery and repair – as well as when we feel too overwhelmed and the nervous system is taxed.

What can you do about it?  Your doctor may say you are “FINE” but you know your body best and when you are not feeling or performing “fine”.

Ask to schedule a complimentary call to discover more here.

Coach Debbie Potts

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