Episode #447 Peter Defty On Strategic Carb Timing

In today’s episode, I am chatting with Peter Defty. Peter is one of the pioneers in fat-adapted performance. He is a nutritional expert and ultra-athlete who developed a safe and healthy approach to fat-adaptation for endurance athletes called Optimized Fat Metabolism (OFM). After getting into running around 2000, Peter went from being a carb burner with poor results to a fat burner with success in racing. He specializes in using fat as fuel.

During the episode, Peter Defty talks about when to ingest carbs, teaching our bodies to have the suitable metabolic capacity and the best time to do fasted workouts without calories. He also sheds more light on the need for sodium and glycine before working out, matching our nutrition to our training, and performance as athletes to endure for life.

Are you an aerobically fit and fat adapted endurance athlete who is confused on what and when to eat?

  • How do you become fat adapted and when do you add in carbs- strategic carbs to improve performance.
  • The difference between Keto for “normal” people and keto for athletes…50 grams vs. 200-300 grams a day.
  • How do we know what carbs to eat, how many grams are okay and when to take them?
  • Are you going to knock us out of fat burning if we eat carbs?
  • Nutritional ketosis -is it needed to be in ketosis 24/7 as an athlete?
  • How do we personalize your nutrition program as an athlete?
  • How do you push through workouts to get stronger- to feel your best, look your best and perform your best in life as a LOW CARB ATHLETE?
  • N = 1 Experiment!
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Resources mentioned

Optimized Fat Metabolism

Role of ketosis


[05:27] Changes occurring over 15 years in the low carb world

[12:00] Recommendations on how to ingest carbs and ketones

[17:24] Teaching our bodies to be metabolically flexible and have the suitable metabolic capacity

[20:39] Appropriate time to do fasted workouts without any calories VS when adding fuels

[26:30] Adding something to improve your fasted performance

[28:06] Do we need sodium and glycine before a workout?

[30:30] Matching our nutrition to our training

[40:04] Do we need to ignore carbs as athletes?

[43:10] Baseline fasted VO2 test

[01:01:20] Performance as an athlete to endure for life

[01:02:35] Eating more proteins

 Notable Quotes

  • “We are in a constant time of motion. Time does not stop.”
  • “Eat real food that balances your blood sugar.”
  • “Modern technology has leveraged very primitive instincts.”
  • “It is not about a diet. It is about getting your body to burn fat.”
  • “If you do not hydrate right, you will end up peeing it all out.”
  • “Eat what you like, eat what you know works for you, and eat what is available.”
  • “Not all carbs are evil when placed to improve fat loss.”
  • “Collagen makes at least a third of our body proteins.”

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